Web Scraping Services

Customised Web Scraping

Web Crawling, and Data Extraction Services for enterprises, businesses and busy professionals.

Advanced Scraping

We use advanced scraping techniques, as traditional webscraping techniques are limited in what they can do. We are able to work on sites which require authentication and other complex sites through advanced techniques.

Solve Captcha

We get data from websites that has Captcha restrictions, which is unlike most web scraping software out there.

Flexible Extraction

We can extract a variety of file formats including texts, images, or other files. We can scrape text information and create csv file for you, or we can get images, or other files that you decide to be useful to you.

Advanced Web Scraping

Data on Demand

We help you crawl the web for real-time data so that you don’t need to. Our crawling experts have ways to crawl and scrape almost any website out there, including highly complex sites that are difficult to crawl. Get instant access to all the data without the hassle by letting us to the work, while saving precious time and money in the process.


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Data Extraction

Web data extraction has become an essential utility for enterprises and researchers looking to leverage big data to gain an advantage. We develop customised scripts that allows us to easily deploy crawlers and scale them on demand for scraping purposes throughout the web.


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We provide all projects with 100% money back guarantee


Our Service Process

Smart Data works on a DaaS model, where we take complete ownership of the data extraction process from setting up crawlers to data cleansing and delivery. You will be provided with clean and structured data while we take care of all the complexities involved in web data extraction.


Requirement gathering

Tell us about the sites you need data from, data fields to be extracted and the frequency of scraping.



Our team will take a close look at your requirements and provide you with a quotation. Once we establish the feasibility, you can kickstart the web data extraction project by making the payment.



Our team will proceed with the crawler setup and start delivering the data in the format, frequency and delivery method of your choice. We can deliver the data in JSON, XML and CSV via various delivery methods.



The data delivered to you will have processed by going through different stages of cleansing and structuring processes to ensure that the output is always clean and ready-to-use data that you can start using right away.


Our Advantage

Why choose Smart Data?

Smart Data takes end-to-end ownership of web scraping projects and provide you with the data you need, the way you need it. With years of experience in enterprise-grade web data extraction service, here are some of our exclusive benefits:

End-to-end Service

Dedicated Customer Support

Customised Scraping

Real-time Monitoring System

Advanced Scraping Techniques

Ready-to-use Data

Tell us your scraping requirements to get started!