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Data Extraction

We turn web content into useful data to keep your business informed, so that you can make your next move. We work on all projects depending on your needs: whether you need tens of thousands of live records delivered every day or have a small one-off project, we deliver with speed and accuracy. We guarantee results and technical experience and up-to-date knowledge of all that you need for scraping data off the web.

Data Management

We transform raw, unstructured data into popular organised formats (CSV, JSON, XML, SQL), whichever serves your needs in the best way. Finally, the cleaned-up data can be further customized to be loaded to any type of database. We deliver data that is both accurate and high quality for your interpretation and insights.

Popular Applications

Data Aggregation

We help create disruption opportunities by monitoring and extracting critical data from tens of thousands number of websites at the same time that yields fresh and surprising insights.

Market Intelligence

We provide analysts with extensive and up-to-date data from multiple sources to stay ahead of dynamic market conditions and derive insights. Research agencies aggregate on demand data from our scalable extraction service.

Competitive Intelligence

We monitor all online signals that affect your business, including your customers in the real-time to help manage brand reputation and understand customers.

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